Client Testimonials

“Lynn empowered me. She helped me develop the skills I needed to care for myself well. We learned a lot about who I was – my strengths and weaknesses, my past, and what mattered most to me. Then, she helped me to accept myself and live bravely. I certainly have much more room for growth, but I can confidently say I am a stronger person because of Lynn’s guidance during my transition from teenager to young adult.



“Struggling with lifelong depression, low self-esteem, and guilt over poor life choices, I turned to Lynn in the hope of developing some modest coping skills and a small measure of healing.  Through my work with Lynn I have far exceeded my original goals.  In addition to being an empathetic and supportive therapist, I have found Lynn to be consistently oriented toward teaching healing and self-care.  With her guidance  I learned to identify the source(s) of my difficulties and to build the skills needed to cope with the difficult moments in my life.  With her help, I also learned how to incorporate healthy patterns of thought and behavior into my daily life, and to practice active forgiveness toward myself and others.”



“When I first came to see Lynn, I had been in an abusive relationship for 10 years, and was very co-dependent; I didn’t even know what that meant. Living with a narcissistic man had taken away my confidence, independence, and courage to do what was best for me. He gave me financial security and I was terrified to leave. With Lynn’s guidance, I not only saw the truth inside myself, but I saw him for who he really was. I gradually did what I knew I had to do. Trust me when I say, it was a heart wrenching process and I have Lynn to thank for showing me how to “own it.” Through therapy sessions, I got back “myself,” and more importantly, the confidence to move forward in a direction that was healthy for me.”



“Realizing the need for therapy is one of the more difficult decisions one must make. Finding a therapist to meet one’s needs could be just as difficult.  Lynn, I can share from years of experience, listens, hears, and provides the tools one needs to think things through, assess, contemplate, and understand.  No matter the problem, she will not judge.  She will simply help you in working through it.  And you will find comfort through her insight and her ability to hear what others may not.



“My experience in therapy requires a personal commitment and a strong connection with my therapist to facilitate the growth I’m trying to achieve. Getting to my emotions is my biggest challenge. Lynn helps me dig and excavate, keeps me on point, gently and firmly, and allows me the space and time to acknowledge and feel my emotions as they are happening. Lynn and I have developed that connection over time as my needs have changed. I can honestly say I’ve become a more emotionally healthy person because of her.”



“I know Lynn isn’t here simply to complete her work day. I can tell she is personally invested, really interested in who I am.”